A warm cup of tea is very comforting for cold seasons. Mugi Cha, also called roasted barley tea is a type of winter drink that can make our winter days warmer and more enjoyable. In this post, I will tell you how to make mugicha, one way to improve your memory with Mugicha, as well as some recipes for healthy spiced seeds for cold seasons.

Mugicha is a warming, nutritious and delicious tea made with roasted barley. This tea has many health benefits and it is loved by both children and adults in Japan. Mugicha contains no caffeine and is often served as an alternative to green tea.

Mugicha is a delightful Japanese health drink made by slowly toasting, drying and grinding roasted barley into a fine powder, then whisking this powder into boiling water. This ancient beverage is also popular in Korea where it’s traditionally enjoyed as a hangover cure and to relieve winter chills.